Our Mission

Ohm vibes has created the worlds first chakra color aligned bi-naural tones ever created.
We have harmonized light and sound therapy in one easy to use at home solution for any of your specific needs, weather it be to relax, gain confidence, get more energy, or simply drift off.
Our vision is to heal and lift all the spirits of all humanity.


Decreases Stress

Helps Release Toxins

Helps Tendinitis & Ligament Rehabilitation

Improves Balance & Flexibility

Improves Metabolism

Improves Posture Stability

Increases Blood Circulation

Increases Bone Mass Density

Reduces Cellulite

Reduces Osteoporosis

Relieves Arthritis & Fibromiyalgia

Relieves Back & Neck Pain

Strengthens Core Muscles

Tones & Tightens Body

Treats Diabetic Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's

Benifits Of Bi-Naural Beats 

1. Meditation - Theta binaural beats assist us to enter a deep meditative state. This is important if you ever find yourself with too much to cope with or think about. It you feel under pressure, meditation can be a huge help. Meditation allows people relief from anything that is bothering their minds and it is possible to silence disturbing thoughts or your inner critic. Meditation helps you to achieve inner calm and locate a sense of peace. With patience, you will often find viable solutions to the problems that are bothering you too.

2. Lucid Dreaming Theta binaural beats offer you the ability to control your dreams. You gain consciousness while in a dream state and then have the freedom to imagine anything you like while still in the dream.
This is not a new technique. There is evidence aplenty that lucid dreaming has been around for hundreds of years, maybe as long ago as 400AD. Those who have mastered the lucid dreaming technique claim to have had experiences in an astral plane –floating outside of their body in an ethereal form.

3. Increased levels of creativity Naturally creative people including musicians and artists possess high levels of Theta waves. However, it is possible to enhance your own creativity through proper meditation and application of Theta beats.

4. Body healing The application of Theta beats means that Theta waves communicate with your brain. This in turn releases epinephrine and reduces cortisol (stress hormone) in your body.
This combination reinforces the immune system and makes it more likely that you will be able to fight off any infections and illnesses.
Theta binaural beats also help to stabilize the body, and this allows it to heal or repair any tissues or cells that have become damaged or strained.

5. Enhance your motor skills and your learning ability As mentioned earlier, Theta waves help to upgrade your brain. You can absorb information more readily.
Meditation blocks Beta waves and this will get rid of any mental blocks in the brain, allowing you to retain a great deal of information, quickly and effectively.

6. Improved reaction time
Theta binaural beats improve your reaction time. You’ll find that you have improved perception of what is going on around you; you feel more confident; you have better concentration; you can react quickly and calmly in an emergency; and you are more responsive and witty.
Improving your reaction time will actually help you achieve more in your life in the long run: in your career, relationships and competition.

7. Heightened vigor You can heal your body using Theta meditation but you are also able to enhance your vigor. Theta waves can be both relaxing and calming, while restoring you to full energy and liveliness.

8. Tapping into your subconscious mind Using Theta meditation you are able to tap into the intuitive resources held within your mind. These will improve your motivation and enhance your positive outlook on life at the same time.
Once in Theta meditation you can set aside all of your conscious being and instead tap into your consciousness. Once you can access your subconscious you can reprogram it effecting powerful and positive change.

9. Cure for insomnia When Theta binaural beats are combined with Alpha beats, they can help induce a sleeping pattern for a more restful sleep. Theta waves are known to be responsible for NREM (non-rapid eye movement), which is the initial stage of sleep while Alpha waves trigger REM (rapid eye movement), or the second sleep phase.
Listening to both beats at once helps people who generally suffer with insomnia to feel more relaxed and to quickly fall asleep, often within the first few minutes of a tune.

10. Potent stress relief, Theta waves have potent stress relieving abilities. People who have high levels of Theta waves tend to be calmer and much more relaxed than those who do not.
They also have a tendency to suffer less with stress. It is known that Theta binaural beats encourage a calm and balanced state of mind.

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